So you cast your vote, it didn’t work out, and now you run to your keyboard to whine and complain on social media. Not exactly the best plan if you truly want to make a difference. If you don’t like how things are headed, what would you rather see in it’s place and how will you pay for it. Two simple questions that seem to have a lack of ideas to answer them. Well that’s not true. Someone is providing the current course. It may be far few individuals than you think. So what can you do?

Start by identifying a problem in your local community. Craft a clever solution with a way to fund it or reason that makes sense economically or politically to head in another direction. Test out your thoughts on your friends, those most affected, leaders in the community. If your ideas seem sound, meet with local officials  or speak at an official meeting. One person might not be able to change the world but in my experience, one or just a few citizens can change the direction of a City a fairly high percentage of the time. Just being watched closely can rein in most local politicians. If you want to move up to a bigger arena, getting a few wins at the local level will certainly help your message get heard. If you rather just bang away on your keyboard, that’s fine. Someone else will be happy to make an actual difference.

I would like to see inspiring stories in the comments of how the ordinary citizen changed their small part of the world for the better. Inspiring others to make positive changes is how we all move forward.


Money is Choices

Making it, saving it, spending it, sharing it. Every interaction with money either benefits or harms, immediately or somewhere down the road. Endlessly dwelling on or directing spending of others is not productive. Every individual makes their choices tens if not hundreds of times a day on average. Every Dollar is a vote. If every single person took the responsibility to determine how their interactions with money affected the planet, we could collectively achieve a more interconnected harmony.  There will always be those who get their funds from questionable or illegal sources, who want to tax and spend as they see fit, who buy items that harm themselves or the planet, or feel no obligation to be charitable. Don’t be like those people. Be better than that. Even spending a small amount in a responsible way will help everyone. I do what I can to help others and reduce wasteful consumption. I would be interested to see what others around the world are doing. This should be a high priority idea. With the right ideas, maybe it could be.

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If you are interested in changing the world, start with nature. There are million of words on the subject but it’s a simple concept. We are all consumers. That consumption usually comes at a financial cost and a cost to the planet. Think about the impact on the earth as you consume. Everything, everytime. Oil pipe lines and deforestation are not the creation of evil corporations. They are the creation of individual consumer decisions. Driving less, using less electicity, electronic vs paper, recycling more, throwing away less all help. That can easily be measured by more money in the checkbook and less trash on the curb. Take that extra cash and buy more sustainable products, packaging, transportaion, on an on. Every dollar you spend or save will have a tiny impact on this world. I live in a highly consumeristic country. The area I live has a remarkably high level of full recycle bins and empty garbage cans. Ten years ago the opposite was true but now it seems there is a competion to see who can recycle the most. Minds can be changed and actions altered with encouragement rather than critisism.

I know what works here and can see attitudes changing. I constantly tell people about my low electric bills and bamboo tooth brushes and cutting boards. I would be interested to see what the rest of the world is doing. Passing around good ideas is the best way to make positive changes.

Message in a Bottle

Congratulations! Finding this website is like finding a message in a bottle. It is currently running on a Raspberry Pi on my home network.

Like a message in a bottle I don’t know how long it will last or if it will ever be seen. Running 24/7 it may not last that long, could get hacked, may lose power, or I’ll simply lose interest. This is the second time I set this credit card sized computer up as a web server. I destroyed the previous version with an upgrade to the software. It was pretty amazing to see how many places in the world tried to connect but since it was just a static web page, there was no way to tell why. This time I hope to put out some good thoughts and possibly get some back.

While I wait, I am running BOINC, a volunteer computing project that allows me to donate unused computer time to work on complex, distributed computing projects. Currently it is running 4, simultaneous Asteroids@Home projects. Who knows, maybe my little computer will find an asteroid to mine or save the earth from collision.

A Lot to Think About

It seems the world has gone on idea overload. Maybe not so much ideas as opinions. With so much negativity, really good ideas are being lost in the noise.

So why not toss a few more opinions into the ether and see what snippets of wisdom return.

What if we spent our time online debating solutions. The world has enough problems. Collectively we could solve them all with a little effort. Let’s make creative solutions fashionable again.

If anyone has an idea on how to make the world a better place to live in, use the comment section. I’ll also see what I can find and make mention of it here. If we all work together in a possitive way, we all win. Thoughts lead to actions so keep them positive.